How does cleaning with the aqua pura Waterflow system work?


From any source of water (pond, river, rain barrel, etc.), the Waterflow systems enable the safe and simple treatment of bacteria- and virus-free drinking water. The Waterflow systems are installed and maintained locally by partner organizations and users. The operation and maintenance are simple, the systems are robust and with up to 1000 l per hour very powerful.

Water purification in a 3-stage process: reliable, low-maintenance, robust

The benefits of the drinking water treatment through the Waterflow plant


  • The water does not have to be boiled, meaning that time-consuming collection of firewood is eliminated or money for firewood is available, for example for school fees.
  • The process is CO2 neutral.
  • No use of chemicals. This means no running costs, no logistics, no handling of hazardous substances.
  • Demand-oriented Waterflow systems purify between 250 and 1000 liters per hour.
  • Easy installation, easy to use.
  • Durable, reliable operation thanks to the three-layer PVDF microfilter (30 nanometers), being the first cleaning stage and retaining many germs.
  • As a second cleaning stage, a UVC lamp kills/decomposes bacteria, viruses and other microbes and thus protects against many diseases.

Examples of realized modular installations

Example of compact systems


Compact systems are preassembled in a cabinet after prior clarification of the drinking water requirement and the available infrastructure. This provides the ability to deploy in disasters where time is the key factor. Only the water and energy supply need to be connected on site.

The waterdrop series, which was used at the beginning of the activity of aqua pura, is still in operation in a few places in Africa. It is no longer produced (see