From contaminated water to bacteriological clean drinking water


aqua pura uses various filtration methods to remove suspended particles, odors, protozoa and bacteria. The inactivation of viruses is finally achieved by means of UVC light. Substances in the water such as heavy metals and dissolved salts hazardous to health are not removed by the process.

Different filter sizes are used depending on the drinking water requirement. At a water pressure of one bar, the cleaning performance is up to 750 litres per hour. The pressure load can be increased to three bar. The purified water volume increases linearly with the pressure.

What is UV-C light?

The method has several advantages

- The water does not have to be heated - there is no need to collect firewood

- Cleaning performance of the process - up to 750 litres per hour

- Durable, safe operation - three-layered PVDF micro-filter (30 nm)

- Easy installation - easy handling

- No use of chemicals - no chlorination


It can be used on an existing water pipe, on a tank truck (in case of disaster) or on a rainwater reservoir. River or well water can also be passed through the system by means of a pump.

Examples of realized modular installations

Example of compact systems


Compact systems are pre-assembled in a cabinet after prior clarification of the drinking water requirement and the available infrastructure. There is the possibility to use in disasters. On site, only the water and energy supply must be connected.

The waterdrop series, which was used at the beginning of the activity of aqua pura, is still in operation in a few places in Africa. It is no longer produced (see