Projects in progress


In cooperation with the organization DEDRAS, which is active in Benin, three project applications have been selected as pilots from a large package. The results of the water analyses confirm the presence of salmonella. Following successful fundraising, the implementation of the first pilot project has started in the village of Bantonworou. Plans for the entire plant together with aqua pura were drawn up. The Waterflow system is on its way to Benin and construction and clean-up work on site is in full swing.



Since autumn 2019, water tests with aqua pura material have been carried out in dispensaries of the Development Partnership for Cameroon. As soon as results are available, a decision will be made on the use of Waterflow systems.


The use of a waterflow system is currently being clarified for the Chamo Primary School, which is being built in collaboration with Nicola Borgmann from the Munich Architecture Gallery in Arba Minch in Ethiopia. In addition, the need in a child cancer ward of the organization TAPCCO in Addis Abeba is checked.


Through the organisation Ingénieurs et Architectes Solidaires, a waterflow system is to be installed in a school, this for the purification of drinking water and as a demo object for the students, who are to get to know this method of drinking water purification. As soon as the construction of the water cistern is completed, the Waterflow system will be installed.

Ivory Coast

In cooperation with the organisation Caboz Action, a waterflow system for the production of bacteriologically clean drinking water is being installed for a hospital.


With the organization Vhida the fourth project is planned and the plant has already been handed over. The project will be implemented as soon as a final decision has been made as to where the plant has the highest priority.


The organisation avenir-madagascar has largely completed its water project at the Vocational School in Antsirabe in Madagascar with the realisation of the borehole. The analysis of the water quality during the coming rainy season will provide information on whether the Waterflow system has to be installed here or will be used for another project of the organisation.

Sierra Leone

aqua pura and Noma Hilfe Schweiz will together improve the water supply of the Gila Hospital of the organisations Hilfe direkt Oldenburg in Bo / Sierra Leone. A first phase - the rehabilitation of the hospital's sanitary facilities - has been completed thanks to the funding of the NHS. As soon as the planned borehole can be realised, the use of the Waterflow system will be verified and used if necessary.

Clarifications with regard to further projects for the treatment of bacteriologically clean drinking water in neighbouring schools are planned.