Clean drinking water saves lives


aqua pura is a non-profit organization with the aim of providing people with access to clean drinking water in developing countries.


aqua pura was founded in 2007 by Roland Widmer. The association is politically and denominationally independent. All members work voluntarily. Funds and grants are allocated exclusively to the projects. The sustainability of the realized projects is important to us. The association is recognized as a non-profit organization and issues deductible donation receipts.


The WHO recommends the following drinking quantities:

1 litre per day for a 10 kg child; 2 litres per day for a 60 kg adult


With the water purification systems of aqua pura, polluted water becomes drinking water.


















aqua pura works together with the local population and partner organizations under the motto of self-help.


The water pipeline is a problem in many countries because it is damaged in many places and the water is easily contaminated. In hospitals, households and hotels, the water comes from the eater tap,but is not germ-free and cannot be called drinking water. Many sources of water and rivers in the world are not only contaminated with chemicals, but also with bacteria and viruses.

Fast, efficient and cost-effective, bacteriological pure drinking water is to be produced independently on the spot in order to avoid many diseases of the intestine and other diseases.


aqua pura focuses on smaller municipalities, hospitals, schools and orphanages. Groups that receive water treatment equipment free of charge from aqua pura must first consider the sustainability of such an installation and ensure this by appointing responsible persons for the operation on site. A documentation for installation and operation is also requested, thus ensuring long-term contact with the local people. Individual problems such as the distribution of water are clarified together.


Under Projects you find detailed information on the activities of aqua pura and its cooperation with the partners.


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