aqua pura is a non-profit organization that aims to give people in developing countries access to clean drinking water.


By installing water purification systems, aqua pura advocates improved access to bacteriologically clean drinking water.


aqua pura prefers to support projects of selected partner organizations that are active in the affected countries and represent comparable values such as aqua pura.


aqua pura was founded in 2007 by Roland Widmer. The association is politically and denominationally independent. All members work voluntarily. Monies and grants go exclusively to the projects. The sustainability of the realized projects is important to us. The association is recognized as non-profit and issues deductible donation receipts.



aqua pura received this award for the good cooperation in favor of the people in Togo.

As an example, a project that was realized in the Borneo highlands: In the village Parang in Malaysia flows clean drinking water for the school children, the school team and 62 families.