September 2016


Burkina Faso,  Ouahigouya: Centre Médical Pédiatrique et Maternité Persis


Bacteriologically clean drinking water flows in the Centre Médical Pédiatrique et Maternité Persis in Ouahigouya (Burkina Faso). The Centre Médical Pédiatrique et Maternité Persis takes care and treats children with malnutrition.


The contact to aqua pura was made with the help of Noma-Hilfe-Schweiz and the Association Persis Valais (APV). Teams of volunteer doctors from Switzerland and France perform operations during the winter months, including children suffering from Noma or other facial diseases. As a contribution to the new maternity ward in Ouahigouya aqua pura sponsored a Waterflow 500 system and an incubator for the regularly required water tests for bacteria and viruses.


On the occasion of the inauguration of the birth department, the Waterflow system was put into operation. It delivers approximately 500 liters of bacteriological pure drinking water per hour and is available to the newborn ward. A second water station has been installed in the outdoor area and supplies clean drinking water.


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