Projects in Cameroon


November 2017


Cameroon, Akonolinga: Hospital


The organization AkonolingaMed has built a new hospital and dismantled the drinking water system donated in 2016 by aqua pura in order to transfer it to the new hospital. All patients and employees drink the bacteriologically clean water. Patients suffering from typhoid may take this drinking water home.


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February 2016


Cameroon, Akonolinga: Centre de Santé Salomé


A Waterflow 250 system with a pre-filter donated by aqua pura was installed and taken into operation in the Centre de Santé Salomé by AkonolingaMed in Akonolinga.


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October 2012


Cameroon, Akonolinga, First Aid Center


The First Aid Center is the only medical aid available within a large region. The Center is only a temporary solution as it is in a makeshift structure and ioperates beyond capacity. This center has now received a second Waterdrop 2 device.  A local person is employed to produce drinking water for the region daily. Since the First  Aid Center is so popular and now has clean water, the foundation has been set for a proper hospital. To ensure further progress for the building work, more donations are urgently needed. aqua pura will provide the new hospital with a Waterflow purification device.


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