With your donation you give people in developing countries access to bacteriologically clean drinking water.



aqua pura

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Postal account 85-328191-1

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November 2018: Advent Bazaar in Illnau

aqua pura was allowed to attend the advent bazaar with a booth as a charitable institution. The visitors showed a keen interest in our work on clean drinking water worldwide.

aqua pura would like to thank the bazaar association for the generous donation of CHF 4'000.


February 2017: In context with the teaching subject "clean water" at the Bilingual School in Pfäffikon, canton Schwyz, aqua pura was invited to present the projects and to address the water problems and hygiene around the world in a two-hour lecture with pictures and film. Thanks for the generous donation that aqua pura has received.



November 2016: A particularly beautiful fund raising campaign in Switzerland

Nuristella on Facebook: "On November 24th - a little earlier than usual - Nuristellas' Advent Calendar will begin again for you, and this time for people who do not have access to clean drinking water. All the money will go to aqua pura, a non-profit organization, dedicated to give access to clean drinking water to as many people as possible in developing countries using water treatment equipment."