August 2018


Ethiopia, Town Mekele: School


Mekele (in Tigrayish Mek'ele) is the capital of the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia, near the border with Eritrea, about 500 km north of the capital of Addis Ababa and has about 170 000 inhabitants.


In Ethiopia, 17,000 children die each year from diseases caused by polluted water and poor hygiene (UNICEF 2014).


The water available to the school in Mekele through the municipal water supply can not be used because of heavy pollution.


In collaboration with the organization rainbows4children, the water purification system Waterflow developed and donated by aqua pura could be installed in the school. Now bacteriologically clean drinking water flows for the students and teachers. The purified water is made from rainwater and water from a well and a well from a neighbour.


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