July 2009


Madagaskar, University: Investigation of the drinking water quality


aqua pura has been in contact with Professor Daniel Ramampiherika since 2008. He is a researcher, teacher and director of the Institute of Marine Research at the University of Tuléar. The professor examines the drinking water quality of wells in Madagascar. It is the same problem as in many countries: The contamination of wells with E.coli bacteria or other bacteria that cause diseases. For the investigations, aqua pura has provided a Waterdrop 1 device. Hereby the professor tests whether the extracted water can be cleaned by the procedure used by aqua pura and the devices provided. This has been confirmed in each of his tests.


Aspects quantitatifs et qualitatifs des eaux de la zone littorale du Sud-Ouest de Madagascar


More details see project blog: https://saubereswasser.wordpress.com/2010/11/13/.