April 2018


Nepal, Yangri: School and village


aqua pura supplies a school in Yangri, Nepal, with bacteriologically clean drinking water.


The earthquake in April/May 2015 caused enormous damage in Nepal's mountainous regions. In the heavily affected regions, the villages were virtually destroyed to 100 percent. Himalayan Life www.himalayanlife.net decided to "adopt" one of the villages and engage in sustainable rebuilding.


The village of Yangri is located in Sindulpalchowk district. Together with Himalayan Life, the drinking water supply was ensured with the Waterflow 250 system donated by aqua pura. Students and villagers have bacteriologically clean drinking water.


More details see project blog: https://saubereswasser.wordpress.com/2018/04/


Assembly of the Waterflow 250 System of aqua pura

School and schoolhouse in Yangri