December 2017

A second drinking water system donated by aqua pura was installed in the Polyclinic Sanguéra in Togo.

In 2017, an emergency ward was added to the clinic. A new water supply became necessary. A Waterflow 250 System from aqua pura ensures the supply of bacteriologically clean drinking water from a well 38 m deep.

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February 2013

Yanek Schiavone, member of aqua pura and president of "Des sourires pour Togo" has contributed together with Ciacomo Scarascia that clean drinking water flows throughout the hospital Center médico-social in Kpalimé. Together with Roberto Cavoli (deputy aqua pura Togo) they managed the whole project clean water for the Clinic Solidarité. The aqua pura association and the management of the clinic congratulate all participants on their excellent work. Many thanks.

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February 2013

Polyclinic Sanguéra

Dr. Kokou Sodjehoun leads a Polyclinic financed through donations. This clinic offers treatments for the population for free. In order to protect the installed Waterflow 200 system from too much dirt, a prefilter was installed in November 2014 to eliminate major dirt particles. This allows the filter of the system to be cleaned more easily.

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School of Lovicopé

The newly built schoolhouse of Lovicopé is located 120 km from the Capital Lomé. It was financed by Togo Assist. Roland Widmer from aqua pura was there to check on the issue of drinking water. Now, in 2015, two schoolhouses with toilettes have been built (see schoolhouses with toilettes). Together with Togo Assist, Preisig AG and aqua pura, it is planned to build a water system to supply the school and the people with safe drinking water (see planned drinking water system).

Roland with the house building crew



February 2013

Toxomé Farm

This fruit and vegetable farm was initiated and financed by Togo Assist.  A large water reservoir provides the farm with drinking water. Unfortunately tests revealed that the reservoir is contaminated with E. Coli bacteria. Since it is very difficult to protect the open reservoir from impurities, there is now a Waterdrop 2 Device to provide the farm workers with clean water.




February 2013

Kpalimé Baptist School

250 students attend this school in the town of Kpalimé.  After seeing a demonstration of the Waterdrop 2, the school board installed the system. All 250 students have now access to bacteriologically clean water.

Vocational Technical Center in Kpalimé

AGERTO is one of the vocational-technical schools supported by churches in Germany. It offers apprenticeships and education to around 105 apprentices in various careers. A Waterdrop 2 was installed there and is maintained by their own employees and students.

Kpalimé Orphanage

Roberto Cavali and his wife are the patrons of a small orphanage in the village. In addition, the couple has purchased and organized the installation of 4 Waterdrop 2 devices in the vicinity, for which they finance the maintenance and usage.

Clinic in Lomé, Togo

Togo Assist set up this clinic to reduce mother and infant mortality rates in Lomé, as well as to play a role in local AIDS prevention. The clinic is supported from Togo Assist donations. Aqua pura provided the clinic with a Waterdrop 2 to ensure that the patients have clean water for drinking and medical treatment.