Projects in Uganda

April 2015


Georg Bednorz and his wife Mecki, members of aqua pura, have implemented their two drinking water projects in Uganda, this with full commitment in favour of the patients of the Kisoro District Hospital and the orphanage and school in Nkuringo.


Uganda, Kisoro: District Hospital


Kisoro is a city in south-western Uganda at the foot of the Virunga volcanoes near the border with Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo with about 11,328 inhabitants. It is the capital of the district of the same name Kisoro.


The drinking water problem in this area is very large for the poor population. Diarrhoeal diseases are the order of the day and can only be eliminated with clean drinking water and hygiene education.


Kisoro, with its approximately eleven thousand inhabitants, is a town in the South West of Uganda, situated at the foot of the Virunga volcanoes and near the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is the capital of the Kisoro District.


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April 2015


Uganda, Nkuringo: Orphanage with school


The Nkuringo orphanage with school is situated in the hills, about 30 km from Kisoro in the direction to the Congo. 100 half and full orphans live in a house donated by Georg Bednorz. For the children, the teachers and the staff, clean drinking water is made of rainwater by implementing the aqua pura system.


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January 2013


Uganda, Area of Kampala: Schools


Clean drinking water flows in the Christian High and Primary School in the area of Kampala (Uganda).

The Seroma Christian High School and Gilgal Primary School society offers these two schools in the Kampala area financial and educational support, being motivated by both social and Christian convictions.


Solar energy and water purification

In 2013 a solar energy plant, necessary for the computer, the outside lighting at night and the water pump, was installed as a hybrid with the national grid.  A few teething problems were successfully solved during the visit this year thanks to the help of an Ugandan and a Swiss engineer while a Swiss electrician dealt with the electrical system in the school. aqua pura congratulates Ruedi Schneeberger and Peter Schnyder and the local plumbers to the great work they have done for the health of the people in this part of Uganda. It is only a small drop in the ocean but an important one.


Last year we installed a water purifier which now provides 600 litres of drinking water in an hour. Rain water is collected in seven 10000 litre tanks, and this water passes through a filter and ultra violet light, producing pure drinking water. Clean water and hygiene are the best medicine against infection and illnesses. The solar system was donated by Preisig AG, Zurich, sanitation, roofing and solar. The water purification system was donated by Switzerland. The people are very grateful for their generosity and help.